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CEO Alirio Torrealba has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Coral Gables Museum, the company proudly announced. Tor Real Estate Development Company, based in CoralGables, is proud to announce that CEO AliraioTorreal Baia, President and CEO of the Miami-Dade County Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Board of Directors, has been appointed to a 17-member Board for the first time in its history by CEO Alirsio Torresa and Chairman Dr. Mary Ann Dominguez, as well as the Board members of the Museum.

As part of the new Board of Directors, Torrealba will be responsible for advancing the mission and community of the museum. He will also support committee members involved in special projects, such as the Coral Gables Museum and the Miami-Dade County Chamber of Commerce, as well as the City of CoralGables.

Follow the events on our website so you can participate while you are there, Feel free to say that maybe a father-son basketball game will be great.

ARTcycle 2015 is dedicated to "Cycling matters," and with your help we can share the legacy projects that will transform Miami into a more walkable, rideable and sustainable city now and in the future. RSVPs on Facebook for ARTcycle is an exhibition of contemporary art, both local and international, reflecting current cycling issues. The exhibition is intended to highlight the fact that cycling culture is important to the Miami metropolitan area and the Coral Gables Museum wants to ensure that visitors leave the exhibition with the understanding that cycling is a positive contribution to our community and should be embraced as a key component of positive urban development.

Discover what our community has to offer today and learn about the amazing community we call home in Coral Gables, Florida, just a few miles north of Miami.

If you're curious about crazy supernatural events, the Biltmore is the place you're desperate to explore. Although it was a military hospital during World War II, it is said to be haunted by the ghost of Thomas Walsh.

Curated by Arva Moore Parks and designed by Tom Graboski and produced by SFY Architectural Signs and Displays, it houses five rooms that once housed the US Army Corps of Engineers and the United States Army Medical Center. MG Developer presents the largest art collection in the state of Florida and offers international artists a creative oasis. The collection and gallery offer includes works by artists from all over the world, as well as local and national artists with an emphasis on art history, architecture, design and architecture.

The Coral Gables museum offers residents a unique opportunity to learn about local history and experience art in a new way. This exhibition, which shows the impact of the diaspora in Miami, is premiering in the United States. A variety of Latin American artists have created exhibitions like "El Viaje," which share their stories as emigrants and celebrate them through art. The creators have worked in a variety of media and themes and are part of a complex and ever-growing art scene that is making a huge impact in South Florida.

Some of the things listed above are simple, such as doing activities, visiting art galleries, picking a book, enjoying a game or taking a bath. If you have a little thing you can do here on the Miracle Mile, embed yourself by visiting the museum or watching a movie or playing.

You can take a 45-minute free tram ride, led by an experienced guide who will explain the history and mission of the Fairchild plant collection. You can see the beautiful landscaping, explore the gardens, see a variety of plants and learn all about the research and conservation efforts. Children are safe, and you can walk with a guide to get a detailed, up-close look at the flora and fauna. Where to go: The Garden of Flora and Fauna, the largest plant garden in Florida with more than 1,000 species of trees and plants.

Participation in the Museum Day is free and open to all members of the public, children under 18 years of age are free. Smithsonian Magazine does not support the content of a participating museum or cultural center, is not responsible for or subsidizes any of its cultural sites, promotes museum visits, and supports participating museums in all aspects of their operations.

The museum optimizes its mission by maintaining effective partnerships and offering programs that include a wide range of educational, cultural and educational activities for children and adults. We also organize reading groups and sometimes cooperate with cultural / educational / charitable organizations for special events. The plays at the Playhouse cover topics such as "What is race, what is your age," including a growing number of musicals, dramas, comedies, operas, plays, films, and more, including performances by actors, dancers, singers, musicians, actors, and musicians.

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